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Today’s competitive business environment requires the ability to prospect efficiently and effectively. Q-Mod enables you to quickly and accurately find prospects and their expiration dates. You can also instantly access any employer’s Mod screen and create and store complex searches using various criteria.

This essential information can be further utilized by exporting and downloading it into your agency management software.

Why use Q-Mod?

Locate prospects in New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Delaware

Create a database of strategic prospects instantly!

Save searches for future reference

Export or print your prospects

Obtain telephone numbers, fax numbers, contact names and titles, number of employees and sales volume

“My day is usually quite hectic!  Before I used Q-Mod I had to “blindly” prospect.  Now I can know who is in my marketing area and schedule contacting for ideal times.

Q-Mod helped me to strategize quickly and efficiently, and now I simply get more done.”

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