What is a look-up? A look-up is the part of the program that allows you to create a custom search that selects records of your specific interest from the total database. Q-Mod enables you to quickly and efficiently find the specific companies! For example, if you want to select only automobile dealers in one county with mod ratings of less than 2 you would build a look-up to extract only those businesses you want to contact. Q-Mod enables you to quickly do all of this AND you don’t have to be a technical whiz to do it!  Imagine the time savings…No more purchasing expensive lists and then finding that you don’t have the companies or the specific market segment that you anticipated.  No more calling on businesses only to find out that you can’t really write their insurance and you’ve wasted their, and your time.

We’ll show you how easy it is! Let’s take the scenario mentioned above. Now view the screen below to see what the look-up looks like.

We entitled our customized look-up as “County Dealers”. We have selected our county code by clicking on “county” in the look-up criteria column on the right. The county code for Montgomery County, PA is 091. We clicked on the “accept” button and the program moved county code 091 into the selection criteria box on the top left hand side of the screen. Next we clicked on “Experience Mod” in the look-up criteria box. Default values of 0.000 to 9.999 appear in the “from and to” boxes on the lower right hand side of the screen.

We simply change the “to” block to the highest mod we want; in this case 2.000. Click “accept” and the mod range is moved into the selection criteria box. Lastly we clicked on “Class Code” from the look-up criteria column. We scanned the alphabetical list of class codes until we found “Automobile or Automobile Truck Dealer”, # 0818. At this point we simply double click and the code is moved into the “from” box and we hit accept. At this point we have finished selecting all the criteria for our look-up. Clicking on the accept box in the upper right hand corner finished the look-up and stores it as a customized look-up on our default screen.

It literally takes no more than a minute to build a look-up. The software will store your look-up indefinitely or until you delete or change it. No need to rebuild each time you need the same look-up!